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Ride On! Camps provides a MTB skill building experience for all looking to advance confidence, courage and knowledge. 


Who is Ride On? 

My name is Brian Buell and “Ride On!” is a parting phrase that I like to say to encourage others to never let the ride stop. My passion and love for mountain biking is bottomless, and passing on this affection for two wheels is what I believe I’m designed to do.

I’ve been chasing around my older brothers since the day my training wheels hit dirt, and continue to this day. Utilizing my experienced background as an all around ball sport athlete, and alpine ski racer, I pursued a competitive racing career in gravity mountain biking. Competing alongside my brother we quickly progressed to the pro ranks, but hit a plateau. Why were the brakes applied? Being a certified alpine ski racing coach I understood the level of importance coaching had on my athletes, and so I sought my own coach to get to the next level. I planted many objectives, and coaching acted as the fertilizer that helped me realize and cultivate these goals. Enlightened by this, I continued towards these goals and currently have over a decade of coaching and racing at a professional level.

I have experience working with all ability levels, all age groups, and pride myself as being very patient. While managing my professional racing team, Team Geronimo, I've mentored a dozen local young athletes that were a part of our junior development squad. Teaching them the ins and outs, everything from basic bike mechanic skills, to being a successful well rounded athlete and individual. From coaching high level ski/bike athletes, to first timers as a ski and mtb Instructor, success is obtained all the same. My goal as a certified mountain bike instructor is to guide others in planting their seeds(goals) and providing the nutrients(knowledge), to grow and prosper as a rider. Obstacles big or small, I would love to help you crush them all!



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What does it mean to be a mountain biker?

It means many different things for all participants. All who participate in this act of dual wheel debauchery have different reasons, goals and levels of understanding. The most popular being: "learning a new hobby", "being the fastest in my group" and "conquering that section of trail that rides like a Roubaix cube". Ride On! caters to a diverse demographic with the end objective of maximizing FUN

Knowledge is power, and the key to unlocking new levels of ability. Prepossessed intuition can only take a rider so far before progression slows to a crawl. Before an act becomes intuitive it must be understood conceptually. Breaking down the basic movements through visual, kinesthetic and auditory demonstrations will allow the brain to create a blueprint for success. These blueprints of the movement eventually get filed away and become working memory in your hard drive accessible as needed. 

Leave all self-pride at home and approach this experience with a "newborn’s regard" for learning. Open to everyone’s theories I learn a lot from my students about how to approach different concepts.

I want to provide all my students the:

  • Being
  • Knowledge
  • Conduct 

At the end of the day we are all here for the same simple reason of enhancing our mountain bike EXPERIENCE!